Hands-On Event Berner Oberland

Samstag, 25. August 2018 10:00 - 17:00, Grimmialp, Diemtigtal

Mr. Klossner, a farmer at Grimmialp, is in need of help with various tasks at the alp, as he’s almost on his own in August. As it is quite on short-notice, the CRSL board decided that it would be a good idea to actively invite all members of Rotaract across Switzerland. Also, it’s a great opportunity to gather in a more informal (and absolutely beautiful) setting and have fun while doing some good.
The tasks we will help include: wheeding, getting rid of dead trees, reinstalling parts of the path etc. The number of tasks will depend on the number of participants on our side. 
Physical health as well as a certain level of fitness are required! Also, remember to bring your hiking boots and dress according to the weather conditions. 

Because going there by public transport takes rather long, we plan on going by car. As we would like to organize this as neatly as possible and help you guys pool together, please let us know whether you have a spot in a car (driver or passenger) or if you'd like us to organize you a lift!

In case of needing a lift, we will contact you a few days before the event. Details concerning the pick up point etc. will be communicated then. 

Mr. Klossner will provide us a simple lunch. However, if you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, we'd advise you to bring something you like. 

We know that you might already have plans but as we’d love to see as many of you as possible, you can choose whether you want to come all day or just half a day.
Arrival time for all early birds is at 10 am at the valley station of Grimmialpbergbahnen in Diemtigtal. Departure time depends on the weather and on how fast we are. We put approx. 17:00 h, but we could be done much earlier. If you know already you’ll have to depart earlier, say at 13:00 h, please indicate this below («Full Day/Half Day»). 
You can also join us after 10 am, but please bear in mind that the later you arrive, the less can we guarantee you we still actually will be there. This is why you shouldn’t arrive after 15:00 h. Also, car pooling options might be limited.

Also, please let us know in the Comment box who your driver/passanger(s) is/are and if you need a lift, wherefrom. Thank you! :)


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